What Stops Us?

Isn’t it funny how we always find a reason to not do something? The known – as monotonous, unfulfilling, and lousy it may be – is preferred to the challenge and risk of doing something new. Most of us WANT to do something of our own; start-up our dream company. But alas! How can I do it alone? Isn’t becoming an entrepreneur asking for too much risk? I do not have it in me to become an entrepreneur! These are only few of the myths most of us believe in, blindly!!

There are many such myths that stop us from taking the plunge…

– Entrepreneurs are born – one cannot learn to become an entrepreneur.

– Entrepreneurs take huge risks.

– I have to do it alone.

– I have to have a large network.

– I must have a big idea.

– I must be lucky or a real genius to come up with a big idea.

– I need a lot of money to get started.

– Silicon Valley is where all entrepreneurship takes place.

– I have to be charismatic.

Can you identify with some/ all of them? How many of these fears and myths are accurate? Not many. Perhaps none of them are.

Entrepreneurship can be learned and if done right, you will reduce some of the risk before you embark on something.

You don’t need to do things alone. Form a team and divide the work and leverage each other’s strengths. It is strange how luck seems to favor hard work.

Also, you do not need to move anywhere to get started. If charisma is not your strong suit, be thankful.

A myth is a story often involving supernatural forces. It is generally a widely held belief that is not true. How then do we dispel our fears and myths? We wake up and take action!

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