Ideas are all around us. Often they are within us, but we do not see them. How then do we develop a systematic way of collecting ideas? It starts with the mindset.

The Mindset: Don’t get annoyed. Smile.
Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. Therefore, you need to start looking at the world with a new set of eyes and developing a new thought process. Every time something does not seem right – be it a product you have bought or a service that has been unsatisfactory – instead of getting annoyed, smile. You have just been handed a gift- an opportunity. You have encountered a problem that may require a solution, which has in it, the seeds of a possible business. Given the craziness and ineptness of the world at large, you may find yourself smiling a lot.

Tina Seelig in her book: What I wish I knew when I was 20, has the following suggestions to expand your mindset:

• Take off your blinders.
• See problems afresh.
• Question all rules.
• Don’t wait to be asked.
• Give yourself permission.
• Failure is not fatal. This is the secret sauce of Silicon Valley.

Seth Godin, the author of Purple Cow in a blog post observed:
• Ideas occur when dissimilar universes collide.
• Ideas fear experts, but they adore a beginner’s mind.
• Ideas come from nature.
• Ideas don’t need a passport.
• Ideas hate conference rooms, particularly where there is a history of criticism.

This is the mindset of the entrepreneur that you must embrace! You must give yourself permission to think and act differently and be open to ideas and thoughts from everywhere. Hope this provokes some thought in each one of you.

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